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Today Is The First Day
Of The Rest of Your Life

Welcome to my Website.

My name is Alexandra Herzog. I am a Psychotherapist and Supervisor with a Master's Degree in Australia and a background in Education in Austria/ Europe.

I support Private Clients to become the best version

of themselves.​ My goal as a Therapist is to provide a Safe and Compassionate space where clients from Australia and Online Clients Worldwide can find Encouragement and Confidential Support.

I work from James Street/ Brisbane in QLD/ Australia.

The Purpose of Psychotherapy
is to Set People Free


No matter what you are going through-

There is Help, there is Hope

and Life can get better than this!

Let's find the best way forward!

- No Referrals necessary

-  No Government Reporting

- Minimum Waiting Periods

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Austrian Psychotherapist,
Counsellor & Coach 


I am a Recommended Gestalt Psychotherapist.

My Counselling Sessions are available

for English and German Speaking Clients Worldwide.

I work from my Private Office on James Street

in New Farm/ Brisbane and Online.

I specialise in Couples and Marriage Counselling, 

Teenage Counselling, Life Transitions

and Multicultural Issues.

I am also a Qualified Supervisor. I supervise Professionals in the Human Services Industry, conduct Therapy Sessions for Mental Health Professionals and see Therapy Students for their Training Requirements.

The Difference a Psychotherapist and a Psychologist

- Records are not sent to the Government 

- Pharmaceuticals will not be prescribed

- Waiting Periods are kept to a minimum

- Doctor Referrals are not required

- We work on what is present rather than a one off Diagnose

- I belive in Holistic Treatments and Overall Health

I hold two Psychotherapy Degrees in Australia.

The requirements to become a Psychotherapist

is 4 years Postgraduate Study.


Counselling & Psychotherapy

Finding Balance in an Ever Changing World

is a Lifetime Project. It is ongoing

and no longer a finite goal.

Instead keeping balance has become

a necessary skill in order to live well. 

Couples/ Family Therapy & Family Constellations 

Family Therapy Uncovers and Addresses

the Deeper, Unconscious Dynamics

in Relationship and Family Systems.

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Professional Supervision & 
Student Clinic

Professional Supervision is the process

of having regular consultations with a trained Supervisor. Clients can review their current work practices, discuss client matters and workload. 

The Human Design System

The Human Design System looks at 

  • Who you Were Born to Be 

  • How you Authentically Function in the World

  • How you make Correct Decisions

  • How you live as Your True Self

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What Clients Say

Albina, Brisbane

I love Alexandras approach. She gave me the capacity to see my skeletons in the closet and gave me tools to work through whatever was rising to the surface. In times of crisis she was there to guide me through it! I strongly recommend Alexandra.

Marcia, Sydney

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Alexandras guidance and facilitation. She has been very precise in helping me address an issue that has been lingering for quite some time. As a result I have been able to move forward knowing that I can count on her for support whilst being more resilient and focussed.

Gabriela, Sunshine Coast

Your session was so many things: deeply personalised, kind, considerate, validating. You helped me to begin to build a bridge from the me that was not living an authentic life to the me that is living today. This has been monumental in getting me back on track. Thank you for your dedication!

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